We share the Passion to Ride and the Bond of our Faith

We share the Passion to Ride and the Bond of our Faith

About Us 
If you are Jewish and you ride a motorcycle, there's an organization for you - King David Bikers of South Florida (KDBSF).  It's not whether you are a reform, conservative, or orthodox Jew.  It is that you are Jewish, and that you ride a motorcycle.  KDBSF serves to provide members of the Jewish community with an organization that recognizes and embraces Jewish motorcycle riding enthusiasm, while stressing rider safety.  The organization is a non-profit entity which incorporates motorcycle riding, and social and charitable events for the enjoyment of its members.  It matters not what kind of bike you ride, or whether you are male, female, married, or single.  The only thing that counts is your commitment to safety and the love for the ride.

King David Bikers have the opportunity to create a wonderful environment by encompassing so many positive things - adventurous rides to great destinations, interesting people, a bit of religion, an exchange of ideas, and possibly even business cards.

Here, There and Everywhere
One of the best parts of being a
KDBSF member is that we get to ride twelve months out of the year.  We have something for everyone, and many choices to fit our schedules - long rides, short rides, and everything in between.  It can be a Wednesday night dinner run, an enjoyable Saturday evening social, an exciting Saturday and/or Sunday weekly ride, or a monthly meeting where member input is encouraged and respected.

One can spot us on the highways, byways and back roads of some of the most spectacular roads in Florida.  Our special overnight weekend excursions can take us from the southernmost tip of Florida to Sanibel to St. Augustine, and afford us the opportunity to enjoy the ride, the entertainment, and our KDBSF
friends in a fun, relaxing atmosphere. Wherever we go - here, there and everywhere - you can be sure there will be a lot of camaraderie, schmoozing, and a good ole time! 

Our Members
KDBSF members are an eclectic group from different professions and backgrounds.  Yet, we all have one thing in common.  We love motorcycle riding as much as we love to eat.  No matter what our differences or similarities are, many of us have developed lifelong friendships, and we consider each other as family.  We ride together, eat together, play together, and laugh together.  Bonding is an essential part of what we are.  KDBSF welcomes new members, with open arms, to join the KDBSF family and to develop friendships that will last a lifetime. Get ready for the ride of your life.

Club History
In 2004, Founder Jeff Mustard had the foresight to from an unique motorcycle club in South Florida. The members have historically come from Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties.  

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